We offer our sincere gratitude for choosing our tiles.

It means a great deal to us that you appreciate our design and vision, and we acknowledge you as collaborators on this journey of living artfully, intentionally, and inquisitively in the world.

Our ceramic tiles are created through a process called dry pressing, which results in increased uniformity and durability due to low water absorption and high density, making our tiles appropriate for increased applications when compared to other ceramic tiles. Thanks to this uniformity and durability, our tiles are ideal for use in flooring, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Install Instructions:

We recommend professional installation, following TCNA-approved ceramic glazed tile method. Grout joint or tile spacing should be no less than 2mm; we suggest spacing between 2 and 3mm. No sealer or polishing should be needed, but please rely on the advice of your professional installer. Please note that tile is not suitable for outdoor installation where freezing temperatures occur.

A blue compass dot has been added to help orient repeat print on tiles. The blue dot indicates the top center orientation of the tile.

Sample Tile Orientation:

Please contact our Customer Service Team, at 1 (888) 844-9172, for additional questions.