What we value most at AIMEE LACALLE is craftsmanship, whether that means collaborating on designs with local artists in new locations, supporting and preserving the cultural heritage and craft of each place we explore, or pushing the boundaries of innovative design technology. Each of our exquisitely detailed products are designed using a digitally engineered design process resulting in uniquely defined images and uninterrupted, intentionally placed patterns.

What don’t we value? Following the status quo. We’re inspired by our founder and lead visionary, Aimee LaCalle, who refused to abide by prescribed life rules and instead chose to explore the world, immerse her family in new cultures, redefined home, and share her passion for travel with others. Following the status quo is, in fact, antithetical to the AIMEE LACALLE life design philosophy.

That’s why we aren’t inspired by conversations about thread count. The status quo says thread count matters. We say its craftsmanship that matters most—craftsmanship, intention, and authenticity.

What matters most is not thread count, but simply the quality of the yarn and the craftsmanship behind the product.

Thread count has to do with warp and weft, or the number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch of fabric. But thread count rarely takes into consideration “ply,” which is the number of strands woven together in each individual thread of yarn. “Plied” yarns, in which two or more strands are wrapped tightly together—as in “two-ply” versus “single-ply”—should technically only be counted as one thread, as ruled by the Federal Trade Commission. But it’s hard to enforce this ruling. Cheap, low-quality two-ply or even multiple-ply threads are used to increase a product’s thread count via simple multiplication. The resulting high thread count attracts consumers, but does not correlate to a high-quality fabric. There’s little evidence that a higher thread count makes for a softer, more comfortable product or, for that matter, a better night’s sleep. Rather, these tightly-woven, multi-ply threads—which might be ideal for something thick, like knitwear—are less than ideal when it comes to a product like cotton bedding, which is best when breathable and light.

What matters most is not thread count, but simply the quality of the yarn, the process through which it is made, and the craftsmanship behind the product.

It is our intention to sell the highest-quality bedding. Our duvet covers and shams have a thread count of 400. Each AIMEE LACALLE order is custom made, custom printed, and custom stitched. All of our bedding, curtains, and tableware are 100% heavyweight organic cotton, and are designed for longevity, which means they will grow increasingly soft with use.

We make products that inspire you to forgo the status quo, and to instead cultivate belonging, redefine home, and enhance openness to new horizons, cultures, and people.

Live Artfully, Intentionally and Inquisitively

Because we’re innately curious, we’re offering up a mix of eclectic perspectives – from design ideas, ways to move around in the world, travel and then get back home and create a sense of space.