Founder and creative catalyst for change Aimee LaCalle has always wondered what makes the world tick. Better known as a highly-accomplished entrepreneur, traveler and seeker of meaningful experiences, LaCalle and her team all share one essential belief: To design an expansive life requires living artfully, intentionally and inquisitively.

It’s no surprise that LaCalle’s recently-launched textile design company reflects her deep-rooted passion and respect for other customs, language and cultures—as well as her desire for creating a sense of place, at home and far away. Born into a family with diverse European heritage in a Francophone community of Louisiana, LaCalle grew to understand the importance of embracing not only your own complex culture, but also the cultures of those you meet along the way.

Driven by the desire to create the life she wanted, combined with an eye for design and a deep appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship, LaCalle and her family lived for extended periods in various locations around the world. Her passion for people, places? Just part of her DNA.

Today, leading her design team in its Santa Fe headquarters and on location in the production of two textile collections per year, LaCalle has created an energy around culture and kinship. The AIMEE LACALLE design studio is positioned at the forefront of technological innovation with its digitally-engineered designs for bedding, duvet covers, drapery, table linens, wallpaper, and original art.

Prior to becoming the lead visionary for the AIMEE LACALLE design studio, LaCalle spent years as an entrepreneur co-founding ventures in the e-commerce and education technology fields. She and her family have developed strong ties to Northern New Mexico, Southwest France, and Central Mexico, but continue to spend a considerable amount of time traveling.

innovator: (i) one who is persistent and passionate (ii) explores the cutting edge (iii) guides new ideas through the various phases of development and execution (iv) believes that “where there’s a will, there’s a way” (v) a good example? Aimee LaCalle, who seeks to cultivate collaborative relationships, identify talent, and produce great design in a nurturing haven where creativity flows freely.