Because We’re Innately Curious

Because we’re innately curious, we’re offering up a mix of eclectic perspectives — ways to move around in the world, travel, gather design ideas, and return home to create a sense of space. Because it’s a meaningful and relevant experienceand it resonates deeply. Isn’t it the kind of experience you long for?


In Its Simplest Terms

We design a collection of high-quality textiles that can be translated across many platforms and materials. Think bedding and duvet covers, highly-detailed curtain panels and tableware, limited edition art and more. Because we believe designing for the home only makes us feel luxuriously more at home.

(i) a culturally-minded, travel-inspired design studio (ii) dedicated to inspiring people to look at life through a different lens (iii) originating from a highly design-driven, sophisticated and cutting-edge technological perspective.

The Bigger Picture

Twice a year, we launch a new collection of textiles curated from our travels around the world. When we’re on location, our creative team gathers highly-personalized shots, stills and interviews with video footage. Take our 2017 debut collection, for example. The San Miguel collection, influenced by the artisans based in the 15C mountain town in Mexico, was a great success.

We’re at the Forefront of Engineered Print Innovation

We’re pushing the boundaries around engineering design technology. Our exquisitely detailed products are crafted from fabrics designed using a digitally engineered design process. The process, popularized by the apparel industry, results in defined images and uninterrupted patterns and design elements.