Paseo 3 Wallpaper

Paseo, “walk,” is influenced by the leisurely strolls down Canyon Road and through Santa Fe’s historic east side. Here, you will be exposed to wonders of architecture and dense vegetation. The carefully preserved rounded adobe-walled homes and lovely gardens protected by characteristic thin-post “coyote” fences have inspired this print. Dark brown and beige on off-white.

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Paseo 3 Wallpaper

Santa Fe Collection

Each prepasted strip is sold individually and measures 2’ W (60.96 cm) x 12’ H (3.66 m) and covers 24 square feet (2.23 square meters) of wall space.

$180.00 USD

Each and every AIMEE LACALLE order is custom made, custom printed or custom stitched once the order has been processed. Please allow between 2-4 weeks for custom orders to be processed prior to shipping.

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