Seed Tile

Ja Soon Kim is a photographer, art director, painter and certified Iyengar Yoga instructor. She was an award winning art director in Honolulu and a world traveler. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Ja Soon has lived all over the world, now calling Santa Fe, New Mexico home. Ja Soon’s photos of meticulous yet meditative arrangements have prompted recognition and praise, but for her, it’s all about the experience. Seed was created as a special collaboration piece for AIMEE LACALLE. Limited edition print.

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Seed Tile

Collaborations Collection

Custom-made ceramic tiles, dry pressed for increased uniformity and durability. Tiles sold in increments of 25. Dimensions: 6 x 6” or 8 x 8”

Minimum Order:

1 Box | 25 Tiles


Ja Soon Kim

Ja Soon, award winning Santa Fe artist, uses meditation in gaining inspiration for her methodical designs

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