Torero Art

Torero is the Spanish word for bullfighter and describes all the performers in the sport of bullfighting as practiced in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, France and other countries influenced by Spanish culture. Rather than a competitive sport, the bullfight is more of a ritual of ancient origin, which is judged by aficionados, bullfighting fans, based on artistic impression and command.

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Unusual Torero, bullfighter, print in black and white from our San Miguel De Allende Collection

Torero Print

San Miguel Collection

Black and white limited edition 14 x 11” (35.56 x 27.94 cm) photography print, unframed.

$150.00 USD

Each and every AIMEE LACALLE order is custom made, custom printed or custom stitched once the order has been processed. Please allow between 2-4 weeks for custom orders to be processed prior to shipping.

El Jardín


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Parque Juárez


San Miguel’s “green lung,” a breath of fresh air in the center of the bustling city.

Beautiful plants in Parque Juarez, a slice of serenity in San Miguel de Allende and inspiration for our Jardin Design

Bellas Artes


This extraordinary art academy stirred a creative revival in San Miguel.

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