San Miguel de Allende Art

Illustrative graphic print depicting the main attractions and cultural icons of San Miguel de Allende. Focus was placed on the architectural and historical elements to capture the charm of this Pueblo Magico, magical city. Created in house by the AIMEE LACALLE design team. Limited edition print.

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Delightful limited editon print with cultural icons and main attractions of San Miguel De Allende

San Miguel Collection Print

San Miguel Collection

Limited edition 22 × 30” (55.88 x 76.2 cm) print, unframed.

$200.00 USD

Each and every AIMEE LACALLE order is custom made, custom printed or custom stitched once the order has been processed. Please allow between 2-4 weeks for custom orders to be processed prior to shipping.

Instituto Allende


A celebration of education and artistry and a sanctuary for modern love.


El Jardín


An exquisite garden that surrounds San Miguel’s iconic cathedral is the city’s beating heart.


Rancho Xotolar


A paradise and its resilient residents.

Cactus at Ranch Xotolar a natural utopia in San Miguel de Allende and inspiration for our Azulejo Design