Our Process

It all begins with a feeling

Our founder and lead visionary, Aimee LaCalle, travels the world in search of that particular feeling you get about certain places—where you can’t wait to share the photos, return with friends, or, in the case of AIMEE LACALLE, translate that magical feeling into great design.

We’re delighted to share the following film, shot by Lucas Butchart, our Photography and Film Production Manager. We hope this film gives you a sense of what it’s like on location with the AIMEE LACALLE team.

After Aimee strikes the first spark of inspiration, our team takes a scouting trip to sketch, photograph, meet artisans, and research everything from famous sites to hidden gems known only to locals. Full of ideas, we return to our Santa Fe studio to design the collection and begin the production process, paying rigorous attention to detail and quality at each step along the way.

“The other half of our days are spent capturing the beauty, the spirit, and, above all, the feeling of this place.”

With the collection complete, we go back on location, this time accompanied by a team of writers, filmmakers, and photographers. For our Dordogne collection, we stayed in the town of Plazac for a week, with one half of the team at Aimee’s renovated 12th-century home and the other half at a lovely B&B run by a Danish couple, Dik and Karin Aarts. We meet at Dik’s dining table early every morning for a full English breakfast, then pile into a rented van driven by our photographer, Thierry, who fearlessly takes to the narrow, winding roads of the Dordogne.

Half of our days are spent with the artisans we met during our previous scouting trip, whose work inspired our designs. On this visit, we film in-depth interviews with these artists and craftspeople, gathering stories to share with you.

The other half of our days are spent preparing and photographing the collection in various scenes throughout a rented villa, capturing the beauty, the spirit, and, above all, the feeling of this place

We pause for a group lunch between takes, but the real reward for a hard day’s work comes at dinner, when we sit down to share laughter, French wine, and the traditional dishes of the Périgord.