Jean-Luc the Farmer

The Secret to the Dordogne’s Abundant Organic Produce

What is it about the Dordogne Valley that leads to such healthy, organic produce, overflowing in abundance at weekly outdoor marchés? The AIMEE LACALLE team asked this of Jean-Luc, a farmer who runs his own shop, La Maison de Producteur, in Montingac.

Watch this short film of our founder and lead visionary Aimee LaCalle talking to Jean-Luc, with some translation help from photographer Thierry Joubert, and feel yourself transported to Jean-Luc’s Dordogne Valley world.

“Everything is grown within ten kilometers [six miles] of the shop,” he tells us. “We use minimal chemicals, we don’t use weedkillers. We reuse the seeds from our vegetables to sow for the next season. But it’s also the quality of the sun here and the water.”

The result, he says, is an object with some imperfections, but all things considered, the seasonal produce of the Dordogne seems pretty perfect to us—and quite in keeping with the magical, storybook essence of this region.