Morghan Wright-Johnson

Production Associate

team member

What’s been a significant turning point in your life?

Jumping the gun and moving to Santa Fe. I had lived in Olympia for seven years, and I had an amazing boyfriend, an amazing house, two great jobs, and a bunch of friends, but, on a whim, I moved here. That’s the biggest turning point within the last five years in my life. I’m so glad I did. I needed a very stark change in my life, despite everything being wonderful.


Where did you get your creative DNA?

My mom was an art teacher (my art teacher!) throughout my entire childhood. And both my grandmothers were incredible fiber artists, specifically weaving and textiles. So, it’s kind of in my blood.


If you could, what words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?

Stop worrying so much! Enjoy life and let the small things go. And find some sort of meditation that works for you. It took me a long time to figure that out.