Kelly Mullins

Design Director

team member

What’s been a significant turning point in your life?

Right now, I have two overlapping turning points. The first was when I first joined AIMEE LACALLE, and we started doing some significant traveling together. Then I met someone very special through the company and we’re together now, working/traveling on a remote year program where, every month, we change countries. (BTW, my design skills are improving while on the road, too!)

What has inspired you the most?

Travel and places are a big inspiration for me. My thesis was based on the unique aspects of  having lived in Louisiana. It’s how Aimee found me. She saw my website online just after I finished graduate school and got in touch.

What’s the one thing that nobody in the world could ever have guessed about you?

I love watching reality TV. Love everything that tastes sweet. And my favorite pasta? It only has butter and parmesan.

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