Ciera Holzenthal

Graphic Designer

team member

Where did you get your creative DNA?

From my parents. They run their own sign-making company, and before I was born, my bedroom was their first studio. I grew up hanging out at their shop and seeing their creativity. They inspired me to take art classes and get started young learning different art techniques in school.

What’s one thing that nobody in the world could ever have guessed about you?

I’m usually pretty shy and quiet, but I like going to punk shows.

What was the one spark that landed you the work you’re now doing at AIMEE LACALLE?

I was really missing being a part of a team and working on an ongoing project that felt bigger than myself. I love travel, I love art, and I love collaboration, so everything about working with AIMEE LACALLE clicked, and felt like the missing part to what I had been doing as a freelance graphic designer.

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