The unique beauty of our engineered designs and yardage comes from our digital textile printing process, which provides more consistency than traditional textile production methods. We strive to maintain quality and color standards; however, there may be a slight chance of some variation from one custom production run to the next.



We’re proud to be at the forefront of sustainability, via our use of organic cotton and environmentally friendly inks. Our fabrics are custom surface-printed with non-toxic, water-based inks, resulting in a slight chance of fading, particularly on dark colors. Front-loading washers and some agitators have been known to cause fading on occasion, due to increased tumbling action during the cleaning cycle. Your AIMEE LACALLE fabrics will grow increasingly soft with each wash, and we feel that this adds to the organic and natural beauty of our products, making them feel worn in and authentic right from the start.

We recommend you wash your fabric in cold water, using the gentle or delicate cycle. Turn sewn products inside out, when possible. Use a mild, clear, phosphate-free liquid detergent. Harsh cleaners—such as bleach, fabric softener, and detergents that contain enzymes or are formulated for wool—should not be used. Wash separately or with like colors; avoid washing with items that could cause abrasions. When removing from the washing machine, unwind any tight twisting caused by front-loading washers in order to prevent fabric abrasion, which may lead to color loss.

Air dry or tumble dry on low, and remove promptly to avoid excess wrinkles. When drying larger products like duvets, to ensure even drying and to avoid products twisting on themselves, we recommend removing and fluffing mid-drier cycle.

You may iron with the printed side down using the standard cotton heat setting. Steam may be used. Please avoid steamers with rotating bristles, abrasive attachments, scrubbing, or any harsh chemicals.



With each use, our organic, high-quality fabrics will become softer and more reflective of your home and lifestyle. Each AIMEE LACALLE product is specifically printed and sewn with care for you and your home.

After washing, you may notice some organic cast-off, which is a natural shedding process that occurs on organic materials. These and other small imperfections are to be expected when working with organic products. We’re proud to make choices that keep us at the forefront of sustainable practices. To learn more about the sustainability of our products and process, visit

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