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Live Artfully, Intentionally, and Inquisitively

After three years of traveling, seeking inspiration, and creating, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of the AIMEE LACALLE journey. We’ve been honored to connect with artists, craftspeople, collaborators, our Trade Partners—and you. Having the opportunity to highlight the locations of each of our collections and the people who make these areas so magical has been a privilege.

We hope you will be inspired to continue seeking inspiration through travel and exploration, and cultivating enriching connections. As creatives, we know that joy is found in building, creating, connecting, and discovering. What a fabulous journey this has been. Thank you for joining us—you have all been a valued part of our team, and, as such, we hope you will continue to live artfully, intentionally, and inquisitively.

Why You’ll Love Linen
Historical Women of Savannah
Lisa D. Watson
Sara Wynn
Jery Bennet Taylor
Savannah’s Squares
Reflecting Back and Looking Forward
Our Process
Jean-Luc the Farmer
The Dordogne Valley
Sunday Marché
Prehistory in the Dordogne
Jonathan Mascher
Olivier Picquart
Mathilde Guignard
Yolande Peuvrier
Eduoard Aynaud
Ja Soon Kim
The Rio Grande
Plaza Blanca
Taos Pueblo
Patricia Michaels
Charlie Hall
Tomas and The Ranch
Rancho Xotolar
Instituto Allende
Fabrica La Aurora
El Jardín
El Escondido
Dolores Hidalgo
Bellas Artes
Santuario de Atotonilco
Parque Juárez